About Us

How it Started

If we observe properly, we will find that majority of the small and medium online businesses has a bunch of common requirements. Be it the backend CRUD operations or APIs, behaviour of the frontend components, caching, deployments, integrating third parties or optimizing site for performance, we all do many common and repetitive engineering work across companies.Keeping this in mind, imorph was started with a [mission](/blog/mission) to build a web infrastructure, where anyone, including non-developers can come and build their modern headless websites.

The mission

At imorph, our mission is to provide complete solution to the content creators and influencers to connect, manage and regulate their content’s access to their subscribers securely; without compromising on the performance and branding. A creator’s number one priority should always remain creativity and all the other headaches like, technology, etc., will be taken care by imorph.


A creator can easily start their membership website to broadcast/host their videos, images, podcasts, articles, PDF, etc. and a user can subscribe to the tiers (defined by the creator) to get access to the relevant content and other features like, one-to-one communication. Any monetary transaction from the user's subscription will be directly credited to the creator’s bank account via payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal. Creating these features along with a customizable website skin is just a matter of few clicks!


Someone already running a shopify store should simple install out shopify app OnePage in their shopify admin and they will get access to imroph admin portal as well to handle their fully customizable PWA & SPA website.

The team

Prasenjit Paul: Paul is the founder of imorph. Being a software architect, Paul has designed and developed web solutions for brands like, Rothys, Athletic Greens, Upscribe and an open source contributor; he himself is a content creator in the engineering field.

Anurag Kumar: Anurag is a co-founder and our CTO who leads the Technology Developments. Being an IITian, Anurag always had a passion towards technology and building excellent solutions for the consumers.

Sandip Paul: Sandip leads our Front-end team and helps in creating an amazing User Experience. He is an experienced UI engineer and a startup enthusiast.

Dibakar Bhowmik: Dibakar is the brain behind our Sales Marketing and Customer Success. After completing his MBA from IIM Rohtak, he has served MNCs like, Wipro before joining imorph.


Contact Email: [email protected]

Office Address: 72, RAM KRISHNA MISSION ROAD, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura, 799001