devless-headless headless-commerce Thu Apr 08 2021

What is the narrative behind Devless Headless?

By: Prasenjit Paul

Headless technologies have always been a key driver to make a website super fast. However, the complexity & cost around it is what keeps the companies or merchants away from converting their site into that.

The majority of the businesses out there have no intention to handle tech or web development. All they want is amazing flexibility on branding with the lowest possible maintenance.

Since the day of its start, imorph has one clean mission. It will abstract as many algorithms and infrastructure as possible, so that the businesses have bare minimum technical tasks to do, but do not have to giveaway the branding flexibility.

One of the key pillars to achieve this is to reduce the development efforts to create a headless website without any developers. Hence the term DevlessHeadless.

Using imorph, one can create a fully functional NuxtJS application with some mere drag and drop. The system itself will take care of heavy lifting like rendering, load balancing, caching, server-side rendering, and many more.
Hence we can say creating a Headless website is possible now without a Dev or Devless. i.e. #DevlessHeadless.


Prasenjit Paul

Co-founder & Chief - Imorph Technologies