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Features that make imorph the best Shopify headless builder

By: Prasenjit Paul

For a legacy Shopify storefront, it’s very easy to create or design pages as there are plenty of tools out there. However, if a store wants a headless storefront it generally goes to development agencies to create one and also to manage the same.
However, imorph has simplified the way to go headless for Shopify merchants and made it extremely easy and cheap to maintain.

Here is the list of top features by imorph.

Headless & PWA

The single biggest reason to use imorph storefront is to transform your legacy Shopify storefront into the most modern technologies.
We all know headless commerce has got its traction for the right reasons. It helps making websites super fast and eventually make a positive impact on the conversion rate. On the other hand, PWA or Progressive Web App provides the mobile user a native app-like browsing experience. Not only that, but PWA also helps to cache and serve the pages to the user even when he goes offline (definitely without mutations).

The combination of headless with progressive web app enriches a website to load fast, navigate super fast, install & look like a mobile app and make the user more engaged, which potentially make a big impact in the business.

Any storefront with imorph is by default headless with progressive web app. Our dynamic engineering stitched your pages and converts them into a VueJS application along with enabling the progressive web app feature. All you have to do is to install the imorph app in your Shopify or contact us.

CMS with Drag & Drop Builder


One of the biggest problems for merchants is to change the content of their website, especially the landing pages.
With legacy Shopify storefront, merchants use different Shopify builders to create and manage pages. With headless storefronts, merchants tend to use some third-party tools which are available as dedicated headless CMS.
But with imorph, you get complete power over your headless storefront. You can create pages and drag and drop different components like headers, text, images, carousels, etc. You can anytime change the images, modify the texts, save a bunch of elements as templates and reuse them in different places.
You will also have an access to our pre-build templates and choose one for your store.

Shopify Integration

Shopify provides graphql APIs, using which you can query products, collections, create checkouts, and do many other things. Does the word query bother you here? Don’t worry, imorph’s in-build widgets have logic and algorithms written for all these. All you have to do is to drag the widgets like product list or product details. You can configure those in different ways to fetch the required data either for a static product or to fetch dynamically based on URL handles.

As imorph widgets have a direct integration with Shopify, hence they understand the behavior of those APIs and can cache the data on different levels accordingly, so that the site browsing experience can be blazing fast.

SEO Control

We all know that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors behind the success of any e-commerce store. Buyers these days often like to google about their needs and make the decision based on the search results. Definitely, a merchant can never ignore the value of SEO for his online storefront.

In imorph, you can control your SEO elements like title, URL, description, social images, etc. very easily. You can also access different data like product while optimizing your store for search engines.

And moreover, you can override your page redirections through Redirect Dashboard, which will help you to keep the page ranks intact even if you change the URL of a page.


The covid-19 pandemic has given a big push to the e-commerce industry. Merchants today are selling across borders; in different countries and continents.
Humans are always more familiar with their mother tongue. Many people even don’t understand English. If you as a merchant can serve your web pages in different languages to the users of different countries, that will benefit both the users and you.

With imorph you can set language keys for different countries and accordingly use them to display the same text on the same page in multiple languages based on the location of the user.

Master Pages

It’s annoying if you have to develop the same header, footer or common components again and again in every page right? Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides offers you to create master pages and then derive the slides. A similar concept is there with imorph page building as well.

You can create multiple master pages and then create your child pages or normal pages using those master pages. This makes maintenance easier. Any change in your master page will automatically be reflected on the other pages that are using that particular master.

Page History, Versions & live Preview

Many a time we feel that maybe the previous design of a page was better. Or maybe there were some parts of the previous design that were making more sense. If your page is made in imorph, you will be able to see the previously saved stages of a page (up to the threshold) and copy or retrieve anything from there.

Apart from saved history, you can also create different versions of any page. The advantage of versions is that you can quickly switch between the live versions. Say, your home page has two versions, normal & sale. So at the time of sale, you can simply make the sale version live and in both cases the URL will remain as /.

If you are revamping the website, then also versions will become handy as you can easily create a new version named revamp and once the development is done and accepted, then you will simply make that version live for that page.

You can also see a live preview of the website against any version.

Developer options

Though imorph widgets are smart enough to handle all common e-commerce functionalities of Shopify and you should not need much of a custom JavaScript to run the website. But if you are a big merchant and want custom functionality, then also imorph won’t upset you.

You can add external files, make external API calls to make the response available on the site and also use imorph’s event bus to raise or listen to events and make the website components talk to each other.

Hosted Infrastructure

There are many merchants who take help from different agencies to develop headless storefront. But even after the development, the headache is not over, cause you also need to host those custom-developed headless applications and maintain the servers to keep them always up and running.

On the other hand, imorph provides an end-to-end hosted and distributed infrastructure. Your storefront is completely hosted with us and you don’t need to maintain any separate servers.
Our robust infrastructure tries to serve the site from the nearest server of the user’s location. This improves the data load time and makes the overall experience phenomenal.

Activity & Analytics

As a site admin, you should always know who is doing what. Using imorph’s notifications & activity you can get notified whenever someone is modifying a page, changing roles or many other actions.

You can also get to see your page views, errors, data usage, and other analytical data (based on the functionality you use). You can design your dashboard based on your required data cards.

Role-based system

Maintaining a storefront is often not a single person's job and you feel the need of having multiple admin accounts.
In imorph you can invite others to join you as admin or even with other roles like developer or editor to have more restricted access.

Engineering Support

There is no doubt that headless is making the e-commerce browsing experience better by a fair margin. But unfortunately, merchants often hesitate to do the transformation as they are not confident about unknown unknowns.
Don’t worry at all, cause we at imorph can provide you with in-house engineers to help you with designing & building the storefront and do a smooth transition from your legacy Shopify storefront to imorph headless storefront. You can always reach us at [email protected] for any query and we will help you with that. No, not bots… it’s real humans helping humans here.

Feel free to request a demo.

Prasenjit Paul

Co-founder & Chief - Imorph Technologies