shopify performance Sun Dec 20 2020

We just integrated a shopify store - check the performance

By: Prasenjit Paul

Shopify is world’s largest cloud SAAS platform for DTC e-commerce stores. The startup from USA have processed over 30 billion USD last year and expecting to double the same in next few years. Undoubtedly more and more people are preferring using shopify now a days.

Shopify’s e-com service is the best in its class and extremely stable and feature rich. Catalog management, pricing, checkout, order and customer management is so seamless in shopify.

However the storefront of shopify still uses traditional templating and fully server side loading.

using imorph app in your shopify store, you can bring your storefront into your imorph website keeping everything else into Shopify.

We have just created a demo website using a shopify store and with this, today we are one step ahead in our mission to provide the world with amazing headless experience.


demo1 site by imorph


The website Demo1 with 23 images, three big images with a carousel, api calls to fetch data from shopify store and current cart, the performance snapshot from lighthouse looks like the following.


demo1 lighthouse report

Prasenjit Paul

Co-founder & Chief - Imorph Technologies