mission Sun Dec 20 2020

The mission & vision of imorph - and where we stand today

By: Prasenjit Paul

The internet provides the best growth opportunity to anyone who is a truly deserving candidate by nullifying the boundaries of locality, state or even country. Someone who is good at something can now sell his service or product to any customer irrespective of location and time-zone. Which is why, the business world is moving more and more online with each day passing by. Most interesting thing is, those businesses themselves are not technology businesses.

Let me give some examples.

A business which sells clothes online, is a clothing retail business. But to be online, they often hire and maintain a big engineering team. A business which rents out furnitures is a rental company. However that company is often found to spend a lot of money in engineering. A content creating or OTT website is good at creating contents. But still spends almost equivalent of their content budget into engineering. Same story with hotels, tutorial websites and discussion forums.

Though there are services like wordpress, shopify, magento etc. with amazing community, then also businesses do hire and maintain their own engineering team. There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is, the companies want their own custom look and branding. And the later is the site has to be very fast and performant with all latest technologies and should be loading to geographically different zones with efficiency.

Diving deep into the reasons

Now that we have discussed the current state of the businesses and how they need to maintain their engineering team, now let’s discuss those two problems in depth along with some examples.

Custom branding

This is a core need of any business. Be it big, small or medium. There are many tools out there where you can drag and drop elements and make your own html page. Many small or medium businesses are using squarespace, elementor, wix etc. to build a page like that. Even shopify, magento cloud, big commerce provides you there own templates to customise the experience.
So life seems good, why do companies hire their own engineering team for that?
Because, the modern web experience of website is headless. Which means a user can navigate to different pages without making the entire page reloaded. This makes the browsing experience blazing fast and definitely a fast UX ultimately increases the conversion ration and hence the revenue of the company.
The only way to develop SPA (single page application) or headless experience is by hiring developers and making a web frontend using frameworks like vuejs, reactjs, angular etc.

Global infrastructure

There are many websites which sells their products using a wordpress site (or an app on top of wordpress). Someone else may be using joomla or similar opensource or custom code.
Imagine a website which sells tutorials, are using these tools. If it want to restrict the user access through membership, then all his traffic will go through one of two servers of that company which will eventually crash with traffic spike. Some websites just start playing the content through open cdn to handle the traffic, without realising that the url of that media file is publicly accessible.
Even if there is a multi country e-commerce store on say shopify, and want to make a headless experience, he needs to take care of the hosting and optimization properly.
Doing these in the right way need engineering teams.

What’s in the mind of imorph team

The team imorph is determined to to make a global infrastructure accessible to all businesses. Be is a product seller or a service, be it a video selling OTT or a premium picture gallery, a hotel, personal blog or a static website, it should be automatically be distributed across locations, appropriately cached & invalidated, personal access control and secured.
But a great infrastructure is nothing without an amazing frontend, especially headless. We are very proud to say that we are one of the first players ever to develop a drag and drop based SPA (single page app) creator, which uses vuejs. Using this anyone can create headless experience without knowing anything about even vuejs itself (except templating).

About the product imorph

The product imorph is capable of doing what exactly was in the mind of imorph team 2 year ago. It takes care of your infrastructure with its distributed servers, caching through cdns but validating access through edges and enforcing the best practices automatically.

It provides you a native builder, the first of its kind to build a vue js application with button clicks. Easy access to many prebuilt widgets & functionalities, flexibility to inject templates, component drag, visual modification, device control, scheduled updates and many more.

With an amazing infrastructure and modern a frontend development tool, with a very competitive price, imorph’s mission is to help businesses to focus on their core competencies and spend very minimal to none as engineering cost.

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Prasenjit Paul

Co-founder & Chief - Imorph Technologies