What the heck is imorph?


Headacheless HeadlessSpeed dose Matter... A Lot!

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Any website built with imorph is fully headless, powered by the latest technologies like vue.js and node.js. The system is intelligent enough not only to convert your actions into a headless progressive web app but also uses 3 layer caching mechanism to take the page speed to a different dimension.

Headless websites have been out of reach to date because it takes a significant amount of maintenance cost and tech debt. Well, no more! With imorph, you can create and maintain a fully headless website without the headache of maintaining a codebase, servers, or any other tech hassle.

Speed is directly proportional to the conversion rate of your website. Studies conducted by several organizations such as Akamai show that a single-second delay in page load time can hit the conversion rate up to 7%. With imorph, you get a true sub-second experience for your business website.

Low-code No-CodeDesign Anything, Build Everything

Despite being headless, you can modify the website just as you do with non-headless page builders. You can literally edit the whole website with any design. Beyond drag and drop tools, imorph also provides additional functionalities like popup, sidebars, event hooks, and many other utilities to make site building limitless.

A website shares a common layout across different pages. Hence you also should be able to control the layouts from a single page. Just like your MS Powerpoint, imorph also provides you the ability to create and use layouts with appropriate placeholders. The system knows the shared part of pages and hence navigation is almost instantaneous.

Building a website is not a linear process. You may need special versions of a page for sale days, you might want to revert back to some other state, and sometime you may want to preview the whole website in a previous state. In imorph you can create page versions, website builds and preview or revert to them any time you want.

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Components InbuiltWidgets, Elements & Private Templates

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Plenty of pre-built widgets like an accordion, slider, social cards, product details, product listing along with components like popup, sidebars, etc. are easily available in imorph and the list is only growing. Just drag and drop them and get the functionality on your website.

You can convert a particular part of a page into private templates and later on reuse it on other pages. Along with layouts, these private template takes the re-usability of your website components to a different level.

Call third-party APIs with our data source and get the response injected directly into your templates. Subscribe to events through our event hooks. Use multilingual keys, URL redirections, write custom CSS and Javascript just like a proper development repository. Yes, imorph is beyond just a visual builder.

SAAS IntegrationsIntegrate all these into One

By design, imorph has enabled itself to accept any application that provides APIs. Hence, you can choose any third-party application that best serves your needs and eventually connect them to your imorph website. You are beyond any limitation now; you truly own your website and decide which tool should provide what feature.

Many of the apps and already integrated with imorph and you can simply on and off them for your website. This list is growing and any connection that we make in the future will automatically be available to your website as well.

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Headless ThemesChoose a Theme & then Customize

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You get headless themes for free. Install anyone that you like and modify it by all means by using our visual editor. From e-commerce to blogs to portfolio to resume or company website, the freedom of going with a ready-made headless theme saves a lot of time.

Are you the one who likes a few pages of one theme and a few others from another one? Well, in imorph, while installing a theme you can mix and match pages from multiple themes and choose how exactly you want each page of your website to look.

Logs & AnalyticsTraffic & Performance Analytics

Get full analytics of your visitors, page views, and the performance details like page load time, rendering time, etc. Know your error rate to take appropriate actions to resolve them.

All your website modification activities by different admins or editors are tracked and recorded by imorph. Get activity notifications directly in your inbox as well.

In imorph's super dashboard, you can choose different matrixes of data that you want to see at a glance. Know about the major development of your content and website quickly.

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Key Features

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Headless & PWA

All websites created with imorph are headless with progressive web app support.

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Powerful on-page & site-level SEO controls to enhance your search engine optimization.

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App Integrations

Built in integration with multiple tools. Automatic sync and many more.

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Media Manager

All your media to be managed from a single place. Enjoy native CDN.

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Version Control

Create multiple versions of the same page and dynamically switch to any, whenever required.

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Developer Tools

Write custom code, listen to events, dynamic urls, external data connectors and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a headless website without any engineering? +

Correct. You can simply sign up and create your own website either by installing a theme of imorph or from scratch by using page-builder.

Can I create and edit pages with any design? +

Yes! You can create pages by dragging and dropping elements and changing their styles without knowing coding. You can host media, save and re-use templates and can even write CSS & JavaScript.

What if imorph doesn't have an integration with a 3rd party app? +

If you want to use a tool that is not yet integrated with imorph, you can reach out to us and we will evaluate and do the needful to integrate it as long as the tool supports headless.

Is imorph free? +

You can have a lifetime free account under our free plan. For details you can see ourplans.

I am new to headless. What if I get stuck somewhere? +

No worry at all. Our super support engineers love challenges and are always keen to help the customers. All you have to do is to raise a support ticket or email us at [email protected]