Instantly convert into PWA, SPA & native app

Fully hosted modern & branded frontend for your Shopify store

Gone are the days of an inefficient and poor UI. It's time for a rich user experience of single page application which is also a progressive web app.

1 second delay in page load causes 11% lesser page view and 7% revenue hit. A inefficient frontend is probably eating up your business everyday without your knowledge.

It's time for you to convert your Shopify storefront into an SPA (single page application) which provides the user a great browsing experience by loading and re-rendering only the small part of the webpage which is required with navigation; along with PWA (progressive web app) to enable offline access and caching. Additionally get native ios and android app source code for your business.

Install the Shopify app of OnePage today!


Features Business Plan Custom Plan
PWA (progressive web app)
SPA (single page application)
Native ios & android app
Native site builder
Unlimited landing pages
Push notifications
Managed on-page SEO
Google Analytics
Monthly Plan $49 $29 Custom Price
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